Board Members

Thank you to all our dedicated Board Members. We are looking for talented people to join our mission by volunteering on the board. If you are interested please send us an Email or call 505-265-0057.

 Jeffery Payne, President MFA, Senior Director of Homeownership
 Lori Valdez, Past President Albuquerque Public Schools, Technology
 Mark Rickert, President Elect Rickert Property Group, LLC
 Ryan Jones, Treasurer RinChem, CPA/Internal Auditor
 Gary Van Luchene, Secretary Keleher & McLeod PA
 Tom Bullard NM Gas Company, Dir of Engineering Services
 Greg Hunt Century Link, Right of Way Agent
 Vialetta Kempainen Sandia National Laboratories, Business Ops
 Michael Montoya Presbyterian Healthcare, Network Contract Admin
 Pat Sanchez Wells Fargo Bank, NM Business Banking Manager