April 2014

Moving Ahead After Easter – April 26, 2014

On the first work day after the Easter break (April 23), a strong group from SWAT was joined by a few volunteers to keep things rolling along. They were treated to a delightful lunch provided by the Outreach Committee of All Saints Lutheran Church.

426QFolks from All Saints

Ron’s House
Standing back and watching, it seemed that there were folks everywhere on the house. One group went on the lower roof to finish nailing the decking. Several other groups were involved with building and installing pony walls as part of the parapets while others trimmed tails on trusses and built parapets in place. Decking installation on the outlooks was begun. Construction of the front porch was started. Before the breezes got too strong most of the house was wrapped.

426ADecking is Done on Lower Roof

426BBuilding a Pony Wall (Parapet)

426CSetting Pony Wall in Place

426DMarking Pony Walls Prior to Trimming

426EStarting the Decking of Outlooks

426FTying the Porch Beam to the House

426GStarting to Wrap the House


Radke Build
Activity on this home was limited to the front door installation.

426PInstalling the Front Door

The efforts started on Wednesday were continued by a cadre of SWAT members joined by a group from the New Mexico Hospital Pharmacists and some volunteers on Saturday. A great lunch was provided by members of the South Valley Civitan Club. Efforts focused on Ron’s House so there was no activity on the Radke Build.

Ron’s House
Just like Wednesday, there seemed to be people everywhere. Our volunteers started their day with the mundane but necessary task of getting some of the scrap material picked up and disposed. The wrapping of the house continued, followed close behind by the installation of windows and blue board insulation. Decking was put in place on the upper roof; fortunately mostly done before the winds came up at lunch time. Sheathing of the parapets continued while inside the house insulation was put in place on the exterior window headers. Work continued on the porch with the installation of the roof joists and framing of the parapet.

426HVolunteers Tackle the Scrap Pile

426IDebbie and Al Continue Wrapping the House

426JSWAT Members Miguel and Dwayne Work on Window Installation

426KVolunteer Completes Installation of Blue Board

426LGetting Initial Decking into Proper Place

426MNick and Tom Work on South Wall Parapet

426NVolunteers Put Blue Board in Place On Window Header

426OGetting Roof Joists In Place


Mid-April Shows Steady Progress – April 16, 2014

Ron’s House
SWAT members were joined on April 14 by the staff from Dirty Bourbon Dance Hall and Saloon. These folks have been long time supporters of GAHH, frequently giving up their day off to come as a group to work with us. A significant amount of effort was devoted to building and installing the parapet walls on the lower roof portion of the house.

416AAssembling a Section of the Parapet Wall

416BSetting a Parapet Section in Place

416CInstalling a Support Bean on Kitchen/Living Room Entry

On Wednesday, a small crew focused on finishing up the parapet framing and beginning the setting of the roof decking.

416DFinishing Up the NW Corner Parapet

416EPlacing Decking Material in Preparation for Installation

416FSecuring Decking Along the North Parapet

Radke Build
Several SWAT members lead a crew from Dirty Bourbon installing dry wall along the outer wall and ceiling in preparation for later installation of HVAC duct work.

416G“Smooth” a Dry Wall Seam

416HMeasuring and Planing for Dry Wall in Closet

416IInstalled Dry Wall from Bedroom Through Bathroom

416JDuct Work Installed in Prepared Space

There was no volunteer work on the Radke House on Wednesday.


Spring is Here and So Is Progress – April 12, 2014

The second week in April saw lots of warm weather and many eager and willing volunteers.

Livngston Recognition
To honor Rob Livingston, recently deceased GAHH board president and Wells Fargo executive, the corporation provided a grant to assist with the funding of Ron’s House. GAHH and house sponsors Ron and Faye Detry have subsequently dedicated the home in Rob’s memory. Mayor Perry also issued a proclamation naming April 9 as Rob Livingston Day to recognize his broad community involvement.

412ABob Arguelies Speaks for GAHH

412BPaul Brunn Shares Remembrances of Rob

412CRon Detry Shares Thoughts on Decision to Dedicate House to Rob

412DJoanie Costello, GAHH Interim ED Reads the Mayor’s Proclamation

Ron’s House
After the brief ceremony honoring Rob Livingston, SWAT and volunteers from Wells Fargo and the Defense Threat Reduction Agency at Kirtland AFB went to work on a variety of projects. A pony wall was added to the west wall of the major living area to facilitate the later installation of the porch roof beams. All the walls were checked for plumb and any required adjustments made and secured. At the same time, second top plates were added to the walls and sheathing of the exterior walls continues.

412EAdding a Pony Wall to the West Wall

412FChecking Walls for Plumb and Securing Them

412GInstalling the Second Top Plate on Interior Walls

412HAdding Sheathing to the South Wall


On Saturday, April 12, a group from the Kirtland Company Grade Officer’s Council joined SWAT and other volunteers to finalize nailing of the exterior sheathing, standing the trusses on the lower roof, and other sundry tasks.

412IMiguel and Jerry Install Backing for Kitchen Cabinets While Sam Waits for Assignment

412JStanding Trusses Over Bathroom

412KTom and John Stand Trusses While Sam Nails Sheathing

412LAligning and Truing Trusses


Radke Build
While all the construction work was proceeding on Ron’s House, a team from Central New Mexico Community College was wrapping up the installing of wiring in this house. The team had started this work on April 7. Other volunteers completed installation of fascia around the house, wrapped the remaining parapets, and finished work on the porch.

412MPulling Wiring Through the House

412NWiring Gathered for Eventual Installation of the Panel

There was no volunteer work on this house on Saturday.


It’s April, But No Fooling Around – April 1

Work in April began with lots of volunteers and SWAT members on hand to make it happen.

Ron’s House
On Wednesday, a group of volunteers from Morgan Stanley joined SWAT and general volunteers to begin assembling wall sections using the door and window frames that had been built on Saturday.

0401ABuilding a Wall Section

0401BAdding a “Ladder” Section to Facilitate Joining Walls

0401CRon and Ed Lay Out Plates for the Storage Area

With all the eager volunteers, wall building progressed rapidly and it was possible to begin standing walls.

0401DWalls Being Erected While Still More Are Built

Unfortunately the winds came up after lunch and with all the dust flying all activity on the site had to be shut down.


On Saturday, an eager group of volunteers from CenturyLink joined SWAT and general volunteers to finish building and erecting walls. At the end of the day, all the walls had been placed and about one-third of the sheathing had been attached. Late in the day wind and dust became a factor again.

0401FAgain Walls Being Erected and Additional Ones Built

0401GWall Raising in Earnest

0401GScott Checks the Alignment on a Bedroom Wall

0401HWalls and Sheathing in Place at Lunchtime

Radke Build
On Wednesday, work continued on wrapping the house and applying blue board. SWAT members continued to work on the porch.

0401MWrapping the North Parapet Wall

0401NInterior of the Parapet Wall

0401OSWAT Members John and Joe Work on Porch Joists

As it did for Ron’s house, the wind and dust forced workers off the roof and ladders.


Exterior work resumed on Saturday. House wrapping and blue board installation continued and the framing work on the porch was completed.

0401IAnother View of the Interior of the Parapets

0401JDecking the Porch Roof

0401KWorking on the Last of the Blueboard on the South Wall

0401LNailing Fascia on the Outlooks