August 2013

Last Work Days Before Labor Day Break – August 21 – 24, 2013

Chief’s House
Following the installation of the duct work, the frames were built around said ducting Saturday. Then the floor was papered and the house was cleaned out in preparation of work happening this week. The porch posts and beams were wrapped and painted.


Wrapping Post and Painting Trim


Building Frame Around Duct Work


Duct Work Framing in Place


Painting Porch Trim and Posts

Catholic-Presbyterian House
Work on the trim throughout the house continued and at this point is mostly wrapped up.

Thrivent House
The floor is ready to be waxed after a determined effort to clean the floors.


Floors Ready for Waxing

Lots of Tasks on the Home Stretch – August 10 – 17, 2013

Catholic-Presbyterian House
Wednesday was the only work day this week; even so work progressed nicely. Much of the necessary touch-up painting, caulking around trim, and filling nail holes with spackle were completed. The interior doors were also re-hung.

Chief’s House
Most of the work required before the framing inspection was finished on Wednesday. Soffit materials were installed, the drywall in the hall for the duct run was taped, and other miscellaneous framing tasks were completed throughout the house.

Moving on Down the Home Stretch – August 7 – 10, 2013

Catholic-Presbyterian House
Work continued installing interior doors, casing around doorways, window sills, window blinds, and baseboards. An enormous effort on Saturday got all that can be done up to this point completed. All that remains are a few pieces of baseboard around cabinet areas and some shelves to be nailed down. Outside the house, much of the grading has been completed with the formation of ponds and swales. The drain lines for the gutters were also installed.


Tom and Deb Install Door Casing


Caulking Nail Holes


Laying Drain Line


Working on the Ponding Area

Chief’s House
Openings were framed and dry wall was hung in the hall in preparation for installation of the duct work. On Saturday, a considerable amount of work was done on the exterior of the house. The upper strip of OSB followed by the 2×2 for the soffit started things off. Then house wrap, windows, and blue board followed. Gable vents, soffit along the peaks, and 5/8″ soffit drywall were installed, as well as the sculpting of the pond and swales.


Hanging Drywall in the Hall


Installing Soffit Material

The Home Stretch Begins – July 31 – August 3, 2013

Catholic-Presbyterian House
This house had a quieter week than usual as emphasis was placed on the Chief’s House work. However, work began on the doors and window sills, but most of the work for the week was getting all the trim materials painted. This will reduce the work required once these pieces are installed.


Finishing up Fascia and Soffits


Homeowners Paint Interior Trim Material

Chief’s House
On Wednesday the remaining preparations for shingling were completed. This included laying the last of the roof decking, cutting vent penetrations, attaching drip edge, and putting down the underlayment. With these tasks complete the way was cleared for the shingling to be done on Saturday.


Cutting Roof Penetrations


Putting Down the Underlayment


Shingling Off to Good Start


Working Around Roof Penetrations


Almost to the Top


Homeowner Amanda Places the Last Shingle