June 2013

Another Family Has a Home! – June 29, 2013

Under warm sunny skies and amid lots of smiles, GAHH dedicated its 168th home on June 29.  Our partner homeowner is Zulema Hernandez and her sons, Joshua and Johnathon. Zulema has been a tireless worker along side the volunteers to make this happen. This is also the 13th home that Sandia Laboratory and its associates have sponsored. We are thankful for their continuing commitment to helping our families have a decent, affordable home in which to live.


Dave Ericson, SWAT Member, Offers Opening Prayer


Rod Livingston, GAHH Board President, Welcomes the Gathering


Zulema and the boys, Joshua and Jonathan, in the Front Row


Clive Rainey, HFHI, Share Some Habitat News and Stories


Zulema Expresses Her Thanks to All the Volunteers and Sponsors

One of the highlights of any dedication is the presentation of a quilt provided by the New Mexico Quilters Association. This was one of the largest they have done for our families.


Barbara Rieden, SWAT Member, Presents the Quilt on Behalf of the Association


Judy Lucero, Executive Director Presents the Books 

Before presenting the traditional hammer, Bob Rieden, lead House Captain, talked about Zulema’s involvement with the work. He shared thoughts on her willingness to work, how she had slowly moved from only working on the ground to eventually getting on ladders and, finally, the scaffolding.


Bob Sharing the Story and Presenting the Hammer


SWAT Member Ron Detry Presents Zulema with a Bible


Dave Ericson Shares the Home Blessing With Zulema


The Family, Volunteers, and Sponsors Cut the Ribbon

Just About Finished on Two – June 21 – 22, 2013

Sandia House/Thrivent House
The finishing touches continued for both houses. Touching up walls and trim throughout the house and a good cleaning of the floor took place inside Sandia. Final trim work for the bathrooms and doors kept things moving in Thrivent. Thanks to the leadership of Debbie and the hardworking volunteers, the landscape gravel was spread quickly Saturday morning for both houses.


Gearing Up to Clean Floors


Cleaning a Bedroom Floor


Installing Towel Bars and Touching Up Paint


Spreading the Gravel

Catholic-Presbyterian House
The docket for this house was full last weekend and everything got done. On Friday the scaffolding was moved back to the storage containers on Townsend. This allowed the workers to wrap the house and then cut out and install the windows. Once the windows were in place the blue board insulation was applied. Inside the house, framing for the duct work was put in place and drywall was hung and taped in those areas.


Cutting Window Opening


Finishing Up Sheathing Under the Eave


Installing Drywall in the Duct Area


Wrapping the House – South Wall


Ready for Windows


Attaching Blueboard Insulation


Installing Gable Vent on South Wall

Moving Toward the Finish on Two Houses – June 14 – 15, 2013

Sandia House/Thrivent House
On Friday, the majority of the interior trim work was completed in the Sandia House and a good start was made on the Thrivent house. Trimming and cleaning was pursued even more thoroughly on Saturday. This included installing window blinds, rehanging doors, installing door hardware, bathroom trim, and the never-ending caulking/spackling/touch-up painting. We took advantage of the early start Saturday morning and got the gutter drain lines and grading done in the morning for both houses. A spectacular effort was put forth by Sandia volunteers and other (young) folk to dig trenches and move dirt. It was very nice to be out in the cool of the morning while working in such exposed areas.


Digging Trench for Irrigation Lines


Grading Between Houses for Drainage


Laying the Drain Tile


Grading and Cleaning Thrivent Yard

Catholic-Presbyterian House
On Friday, we completed final preparations for shingling. The starter strip and the first row (or the first couple rows on the east side) of shingles were completed. That left smooth sailing for Saturday. Taking advantage of an early start and cooler morning temperatures, the shingling was completed before lunch. Our volunteers never cease to amaze and impress us! Thanks for taking it, yet again, into a higher gear to get things done.


Installing an Attic Vent


Ensuring That Shingles on the Two Roofs Mate Properly


Moving Up the Roof


Teamwork Makes the Job Go Faster

It’s Hot, But We Work – June 7 – 8, 2013

Sandia House and Thrivent House
This weekend the emphasis was on those myriad tasks required to make the house ready for inspection.  The interior doors were installed along with baseboard and cleats for shelving. The shelving cleats and baseboards were spackled and painted. Most of the shelving was installed in the Sandia House and most of the cleats for the Thrivent House.


Installing Interior Garage Door


Hanging Bathroom Door in Master Bedroom


Truing the Closet Trim


Preparing Window Sill


Cutting Cleat Material


Marking Cleat Locations in Closet


Cutting Shelving Material


Installing Baseboard Material


Caulking Baseboard and Cleats

Catholic-Presbyterian House
The major task this week was decking the roof. On Friday, the last of the sub-fascia, fascia, and fixing issues occurred to get ready for the decking on Saturday. The shingle underlayment also went down, so we are ready to go for shingles.

Insert 2013-06-08 Mixed 2469


Insert 2013-06-08 Mixed 2488


Ground is Broken for Home Number 170! – June 1, 2013

On June 1st, ground was broken for the last home on the Trujillo Road project.  This home is dedicated to the late Chief Jon Tibbetts of the Sandoval County Fire Department.  Chief Tibbetts lost his life in a July 2012 accident.  He is remembered for his devotion to duty and his care and concern for people.  Sponsors for this home include members of the Albuquerque Ambulance Service, the Sandoval County Fire Department, the Rio Rancho Fire Department and Youth United for Greater Albuquerque (YUGA).  YUGA is supported by gifts from Southwest Airlines and State Farm Insurance.

Under warm sunny skies, a good crowd gathered to share in the dedication ceremonies.

Rob Livingston, GAHH Vice President, Welcomes the Attendees


Chaplain Kathy Thibodaux of Sandoval County FD Offers Prayers


Kurt Krumperman, ED Albuquerque Ambulance Service Recalls Chief Tibbetts’ Service with Them
Chief James Maxon, Sandoval FD, Speaks About Chief Tibbetts’, Legacy


Chief Michael Meek, Rio Rancho FD, Remembers a Special Colleague


Michael Maynard Speaks on Behalf of the YUGA Team


Judy Lucero, GAHH Executive Director, Expresses Thanks to All Involved
Sponsor Representatives and Mrs. Tibbetts Turn the Earth