March 2013

March 2, 2013

Sandia House Aaron Labato, President of the GAHH Board, welcomed everyone to the Ground Breaking for the 2013 Sandia House.  Our homeowner will be Zulema Hernandez who offered remarks through with the assistance of Nancy Gabaldon, Volunteer Coordinator.  Mike Mauer represented Sandia.


GAHH Board President Aaron Labato Welcomes Crowd

Sandia Senior Manager Offers Sponsor Remarks

Homeowner Zulema Offers Thanks
Assisted by Nancy Gabaldon


Family, Sponsors and Volunteers Turn the Soil

Following the groundbreaking ceremony that started off the morning Saturday, the window and door frames were built for this house.


Zulema and Volunteers Build Window Frame

1000 Hands HouseA major clean-up and touch-up operation took place on the inside as just about everything was wrapped up in preparation for the dedication. Thank you all for your hard work on this house. This house was a great example of what can be accomplished when everyone rises to the occasion and powers through. There was never an official job captain for the duration of this build but tasks were accomplished in record time.


March 9, 2013

1000 Hands HouseWith smiles all around Home Number 166, known as the 1000 Hands House because of its myriad of sponsors was dedicated.  Our new homeowners are Jamie Coffman and Robert Miller.  This build was a great example of what can be accomplished as volunteers work together with the family to make it happen.


GAHH Board Vice President Livingston Welcomes Attendees and Offers Remarks

One of the high points of every dedication is to hear the family speak about their experience during the building process and their interactions with the volunteers.  Jamie acted as spokesperson for her family.


Jamie Addresses the Crowd & Rob, Harlie and Hunter Listen


Susan Jennings Speaks for Sponsors










Of course the highlight of the dedication is the cutting of the ceremonial ribbon and the handing over of the keys to the family.  Always a time of happy smiles.


A Smiling Jamie Cuts While Rob and Children Watch


March 23, 2013

A variety of circumstances had combined to slow progress on all the houses mid-month, however things began to move and look up after the dedication of the Banker’s Team House on the 23rd.  Our new homeowners for this build are the Pacheco’s, Julio, Nancy, Celeste, and Layla.


Irv Hall, SWAT Member and Global Village Team Leader Offers Opening Prayer and Blessing


Mike Athens Board Treasurer Welcomes the Group









A special part of every dedication is hearing the family’s story about there journey and experience with Habitat and the volunteers.


A Smiling Nancy Speaks for the Family

Bank of the West. Bank of America and Wells Fargo joined forces to sponsor this home for the Pacheco’s.  Although the sun was shining it was a chilly and blustery morning.


Patricia Nie, Wells Fargo Vice President Speaks for Sponsors

A special part of every dedication are the gifts of books, quilt, Bible, and hammer.  The Literacy Project of the Kiwanis Club provided books, the NM Quilter’s Association once again provided a beautiful quilt and GAHH provides the Bible and hammer.


Susan Jennings of Kiwanis Presents Books and Quilt


House Co-Captains Debbie Gonzales and Patty Snipes
Present the Bible and Hammer


A Smiling Family and Sponsors Cut the Magic Ribbon