March 2014

Lots of Smiles as Townsend Work Ramps Up – March 29

The visiting Radke crew and SWAT got things off to a great start on Townsend.  We are now back to our “normal” two days a week schedule and work is beginning on Ron’s House.

Radke Build
Only SWAT worked Wednesday laying the remaining decking on the upper roof, sheathing the rest of the parapets and installing the crickets and canales to insure proper drainage.

0329AWorking on the Crickets on the North Wall

0329BView of Completed Crickets

0329CView of Canale Openings from Upper Roof

On the ground the lower portion of the house was wrapped, the windows were put in, and blue board installation begun.

0329DWrapping the House With Tyvek

0329EWindow Being Installed

0329FTyvek and Windows

Ron’s House
The slab for this house was poured Wednesday. After laying out the floor Friday, most of the plates were cut Saturday. The window and door frames were built in preparation for wall building.

0329GConcrete Pour Underway

0329HPour Almost Complete

0329IBuilding Door and Window Frames

0329JFrames Ready to Stack

0329KFrames Stacked Ready for Wall Building


Construction Begins Again On Townsend

Construction began again on Townsend on March 12 with the opening ceremony for the Radke Build known as the Celebration of Life House. This is the fourth home the Patrice Radke Charitable Fund has sponsored with GAHH. A unique feature of this build is that family and friends come from all over the country to work in memory of Patrice. Also this year Vern Jamison, a long-time friend of the family, was honored.

Maria Marquez and her daughter Ariana, the Partner Family for this build, have been assisting with the builds on Trujillo while waiting for their home to be started. This will be home number 173 for GAHH since 1987. Because many of the volunteers traveled to participate, work took place on a daily basis for over a week.

Day 1. 
Activities began with remarks by GAHH personnel, the Radke’s and Maria and Ariana. At the conclusion of the brief ceremony work began in earnest with the laying out and marking for wall floor plates and fabrication of window and door frames.

0314AJeff and Hildy Offer Remarks and Thanks

0314BMaria and Ariana Express Thanks

0314CLaying Out and Marking Base Plates

Day 2. 

Door and window frames were completed and wall building started. By late morning enough walls were ready that it was possible to begin standing them.

0314DCompleting a Wall section

0314ECompleting a Wall Section and Standing an Interior Wall

0314FMajor Walls in Place

Day 3. 

Exterior work included sheathing walls while drywall backing and shelf blocking continues on the inside.

0314GSheathing Walls

0314HSheathing Walls and Installing Drywall Blocking

Day 4. 

Trusses were lifting to the walls and about half of them installed. Sheathing and internal blocking work continued.

0314ILifting Trusses to the Wall

0314JTrusses Laid Out Ready for Installation

Day 5. 

Sheathing on the upper portion of the tall walls continued while the balance of the lower level trusses where installed.

0314KInstalling a Truss

0314LView of Truss Structure

0314MCompleting a Parapet Corner

Days 6 – 9. 

Sheathing work continued on the exterior walls, parapet frames were completed and sheathed, and decking was laid along with myriad other tasks.

0314NSheathing Storage Area Walls

0314OCovering the Beam Between Storage Shed and House

0314PCompleting North Wall Parapet Frame

0314QDecking Work Continues

0314RLining the Inside of The Parapet

0314STrusses for High Roof Being Lifted

0314TParapet Frame Being Installed on High Truss

0314UCompleting High Roof Truss Installation

0314VFinishing Lower Roof Decking

0314WFitting Parapet Sheathing Over Truss Tails

0314XBeginning Upper Deck Installation

0314YContinuing Upper Deck Installation

After completing a number of “clean up” framing tasks, work will begin on the house interior with the installation of electrical and plumbing rough-ins and putting up drywall.