May 2013

May 31 – June 1, 2013: Lots of Work Inside and Outside

While our faithful volunteers took a break over the Memorial Day holiday, our Stucco crew of Omar Gutierrez and his colleagues completed the drywall process on both the Thrivent and Sandia houses.  Prior to the volunteers returning on May 31, they also completed taping and texturing both houses and applied the first coat of stucco.

May 22

Applying Drywall in Thrivent Bathroom


Finishing Drywall in the Thrivent Garage

May 31-June 1

Thrivent and Sandia Houses – On Friday the interiors of both homes were primed by teams from Sandia and Thrivent and other volunteers.  On Saturday both homes were given the final coat.  In addition, the shelving and trim material for both houses was painted.


Priming the Sandia House Kitchen Area


Priming the Sandia House Garage


Getting Final Coat on Thrivent House Kitchen


Future Homeowner Rhea and Volunteer Work on Kitchen


Volunteers Painting Trim and Shelving

Cath-Pres House – On Friday final truss prep was completed by finishing top plates and installing the porch posts and beams. On Saturday morning scaffolding was put in place.  The trusses were then lifted to the walls and erected.  In addition, a considerable portion of the sub-fascia and gable outlooks were installed that allowed us to start Saturday morning by installing scaffolding and getting the trusses onto the walls and stood. Much of the sub-fascia and outlooks were installed as well.


Placing Top Plate on West Wall


Placing Top Plate on Interior Wall


Getting Scaffolding Into Place


Lifting South Gable Truss Into Place


Aligning the Truss for Installation

Lot’s of Activity Before Memorial Day Break, May 17 – 18, 2013

Thrivent House

After the duct work installation earlier in the week, the framing around the duct work was built Friday. Much of the preparation can be done “on the ground” so to speak

0517ASWAT Member Debbie Guide Volunteers

0517B Completed Side Frame Around LR-Kitchen Duct

0517C Volunteers Working In the Hall

The framing inspection was received on Friday, this will allow for the installation of the insulation and drywall on the interior of the house and for the lath/stucco to be applied on the exterior.  This is scheduled to happen during the holiday break. On Saturday the floor was papered to protect the tinted concrete floor and the entire house was cleaned out in preparation of the drywall process.

0517D Volunteers Laying the Protective PaperSandia House -This house had a very similar week to its Thrivent neighbor. The duct work and necessary framing put in place in preparation for the framing inspection.

0517EVolunteers Building Framing for Duct Work

Soffit was installed on the east and west sides after the soffit drywall inspection. The house was also prepped for drywall with a cleaning and the floor covering.

0517F Putting the Soffit Material In Place

0517G Floor After Cleaning and Installation of Protective Paper

Catholic-Presbyterian House

This was indeed a busy week for the Cath-Pres house. The slab was prepped and then poured Wednesday. The floor layout lines were snapped Thursday and sole plates for the walls were cut Friday. On Saturday the walls were fabricated, assembled and sheathed.

0517H Building Window and Door Frames

0517I Slab After House Layout

0517J Marking Wall Plates to Match House Layout

0517K Wall Fabrication Well Underway

0517L Wall Fabrication Nearly Complete

0517M Time to Begin Raising the Walls

0517N The House is Coming Together

0517O Almost to the Front of the House

0517P House at the End of the Day Saturday


Work Continues As Weather Warms, May 10 – 11, 2013

Thrivent House

There was only a very modest amount of work on this house as we wait for the duct work to be installed.  However, final prep work on the hall drywall surrounding the ducting was completed.  The soffit on the west side that covers 5/8″ drywall was also installed..

0510A Putting Fascia on Front Porch Beam

0510B Finishing Up the Hall Dry Wall

0510C Installing Soffit Material Under West Eave

0510D Applying the Last of the House Wrap

Sandia House   

Another productive week for this house. On Friday morning the roof was completely shingled. Our volunteers are getting increasingly skilled and efficient at this important job. Great job to everyone who was involved with getting that done quickly and efficiently. The  scaffolding was taken down Friday afternoon, which allowed for the house wrapping, window installation and blue board application to be completed Saturday. Hall drywall in the main duct area was finished and required soffit drywall was installed under the eaves.

0510E Shingling Begins In the Morning Sun

0510F Sealing Around Roof Vent Penetrations

0510G Nailing Away on the West Side

0510H Nearing the Peak on House and Garage

0510I Finishing the Sheathing on West Wall

0510J Wrapping on the West Wall

0510K Installing the Windows on West Side

0510L Applying Blue Board Insulation to South Wall

Catholic-Presbyterian House

On Saturday the window and door frames were built. These were finished early in the morning and instead of simply leaving after their work was completed the group hung around and helped get everything done on the other houses. Our goal is always to keep sponsor volunteers working on their respective houses, but sometimes situations arise where the work schedule is lighter or when more pressing work is needed to be completed on other houses, we are always delighted by the willingness of everyone to work to the priorities. This willingness to team is a wonderful hallmark of our GAHH volunteers.

0510M Completed Door and Window Frames Ready for Wall Building


A New Month Begins, May 3 – 4, 2013

Sandia House

The roof was decked and prepped for shingles. Inside the house the majority of the duct drywall was hung.

0503A Putting Up Scaffolding in Preparation for Roof Decking

0503B Decking Stacked Ready to Lay on Roof

0503C Putting Down the Underlayment Prior to Shingles

0503D Completed Underlayment Shining in the Sun

Thrivent House

Thanks to a group from Walgreens on Saturday, much of the exterior finish work on the soffit/fascia/porch has been completed. Inside the house the radon pipe and glass block were installed. Duct drywall and other miscellaneous framing tasks were completed as well.

0503E Sealing the Soffit Material on South Wall

0503F Touching Up Paint on Fascia and Soffits

0503G Installing the Radon Vent Pipe

0503H Finishing Up Drywall for Duct Work