Volunteer Non-construction

Because Habitat depends on its volunteers, we welcome those who wish to participate in any way that they are able. The following opportunities to help further our mission are especially needed at this time. If you are interested in any of the following opportunities, please contact the office at 265-0057.

Volunteer/Office and Special Events Volunteers
In addition to our ongoing need for volunteers at construction sites, we are seeking volunteers for the following:

    • Public Speakers – become part a group of individuals that represent our organization as speakers to churches, civic groups, and at other public events. Call the office at 265-0057.
    • Outreach Support – act as a liaison to Albuquerque area churches on our behalf.
    • Marketing Support – assist with PR and promotional events on an ‘as needed’ basis.
    • Photographers – to document special events.
    • General Office Help – answer phones, data entry, filing, and other office tasks.
    • Material Handling and Cleaning in ReStore receiving area — Daily – 9am to 5pm
      Urgent need: Mon to Fri — Noon to 5pm / Sat — 9am to 5pm)

      Greeting donors of items for ReStore
      Lifting merchandise, using carts and moving items into the receiving area
      Sorting, cleaning, and inspecting merchandise
      Making simple repairs on furniture and other merchandise, if skilled
      Moving merchandise to appropriate areas of the sales floor
      Placing merchandise on appropriate shelves of similar item
    • Merchandising Skills on ReStore Sales Floor — Mon to Sat — 9am to 5pm
      Greeting ReStore customers
      Directing customers to merchandise sought
      Directing customers to staff and volunteers for assistance
      Providing and retrieving carts
      Moving and organizing merchandise
      Placing merchandise on appropriate shelves of similar items
      Cleaning merchandise and the display furnishings
    • ReStore Merchandising Assoc. — 1-2 days a week, does not have to be all day – 9am to 5pm
      Interest in organizing merchandise
      Help move/organize merchandise in store
      Arrange merchandise to obtain optimum sales
    • Interested persons should call or email to discuss any of these opportunities.