ReStore Volunteer Extraordinaire

Julia started volunteering at the Restore 3 years ago, after she retired from UNM Hospital as a nurse. She’s a busy person, with lots of projects and a big family – Julia has three grown sons and 11 grandchildren, 9 boys and 2 girls. But volunteering allows her to use her people skills and do something she loves. She said “I have a lot of energy, I’m a little hyper I guess and volunteering gets me out of the house for the day.”

She knew about the Restore because she has been a customer for a long time saying, “I like to fix things and do projects around the house. When I was a child I would go with my uncle up on the roof. I really love painting and hammering and working with my hands. So the ReStore has always been a place I  loved. Volunteering here now is great.”

She recommends that anyone interested in volunteering at the ReStore be a “people person” because “We have a lot of repeat customers. You get to know everyone because they come into the store all the time,” said Julia.

“I love the people here, they are really nice. The guys in back work really hard and they are always willing to help me. There’s always something to do and it’s never boring,” added Julia.

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