Wells Fargo House and Shade

Shade and her three year old son

Shade is a single mother to an absolutely incredible 3 year old boy. They are currently living in a one bedroom house, which was a fine place to raise her son when he was a baby, but now that he’s getting older Shade is ready to find a place they can call home.

“I want him to have a house to grow up in and something we can call our own. I want to be someone my son can look up to. I want him and I to have the same relationship as my father and I do,” said Shade.

Her father was a single parent too, raising both Shade and her brother. “I remember my father running me from school to singing lessons then basketball practice and off to dance rehearsal. My father always encouraged and supported me in every aspect of my life. If I didn’t have him in my corner, I don’t know what I would have done. Thanks to him, I have accomplished so much at such a young age and for that I am forever grateful,” said Shade.

Joani Costello, GAHH Executive Director, Shade Bryant, new homeowner and her father Leo Bryant during the opening ceremony on March 11, 2017

Shade is a certified pharmacy technician, is certified in office administration and has a CDA in youth development. “I feel that acquiring a Habitat for Humanity house is the first step in setting a solid foundation for my son and I. I hope to provide my son with the life he deserves.”