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Habitat for Humanity’s Women Build program educates and inspires women to build and advocate for decent and affordable homes in their communities. Building safe, stable housing provides the opportunity for low-income individuals to lift themselves out of poverty and creates a foundation for families to thrive.

During the 2019 Women Build Week in Albuquerque, June 1 thru June 8, women and men throughout the community joined forces to make a difference in someone’s life. Women-led teams volunteered at the Habitat job site and raised money to off-set the cost of building this home for Christina and Raeni.

About the Family

Christina is a single mom raising her eight year old child, Raeni. In 2016, Christina was diagnosed with stage 3 high grade Sarcoma, an aggressive and rare soft tissue cancer. “Raeni was only 5 at the time and we went through a lot. It took a year of our lives but we fought hard and now I am cancer free,” said Christina.

It has been challenging for for Christina to find an affordable apartment in a safe part of town. Growing up, she recalls moving often from apartment to apartment. “I had to share a room with my sister or my mother. I always yearned to have my own room. But looking back, it wasn’t the matching furniture or wall colors that I really wanted, it was a sense of security that being in a home offered,” said Christina.

Today, Raeni and Christina are living in a one bedroom apartment where they share a room. “Privacy is a luxury neither of us have right now,” said Christina. “Although I have designated a corner in the living room for Raeni to make their own, I know that a corner will not provide them the adequate privacy they need to develop socially and emotionally. In my heart I also know it will not provide them the security that they need to fully mature into the beautiful person they are.”

The opportunity for her to purchase a decent, affordable home with a conventional loan is almost impossible. “Partnering with Habitat for Humanity makes becoming a homeowner achievable,” said Christina. “I long to have a home where Raeni will have the opportunity to grow up in a neighborhood and establish lasting friendships.”

“As a mom it’s important for me to teach Raeni the importance of hard work, self-reliance and personal responsibility. I am a person of high character, strong work ethic and a person who takes their responsibilities seriously,” said Christina. “I promise that Raeni and I will be exceptional Habitat homeowners.”

Future Habitat homeowners and neighbors during the 2019 Women Build House and 2019 Sandia Laboratories House opening ceremony.