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About the Family

Deanna with her daughter beginning their journey to homeownership during the Opening Ceremony.

Deanna was raised in Cimarron, New Mexico where she grew up living with her mother, stepfather and two siblings. “Living with my mother wasn’t pleasant – in fact it was a nightmare. My mother was in a very abusive relationship. At the age of five I feared everything, but I had to protect my brother and sister,” says Deanna.

When she was older, Deanna moved to Albuquerque to live with her father. She attended Highland High School, but she was rebellious and ended up dropping out. Soon after, “my boyfriend and I had our first child together. We were living with his family. We got married and had a second child. He treated me well and to this day he treats me with respect. But, I was so young and at the time I needed to find my own way and I decided to leave. As much as I wanted my kids to move with me, they stayed with their father so they did not have to leave their school. I am very active in my children’s life, they are my world.

Deanna got her own place, worked two jobs and visited her children on the weekends. “I got into a new relationship and we moved in together. Things began to change and I realized I didn’t really know him at all. Our relationship was unhealthy. I then gave birth to my third child and luckily, I found Safe House,” said Deanna. The shelter gave her and her daughter a new start.

“It was very hard, but we did it. I was blessed with being in a program called B.E.S.T, which saved my life. I learned so much about maintaining a home, keeping a job and this program taught me I didn’t need anyone else,” said Deanna. Her case worker talked with Deanna about Habitat for Humanity and so she applied. “I am honored to be participating in the Habitat program. I feel hopeful, like I have been given a second chance. I’ll have my own home and become even more successful and maybe I can help others do the same,” says Deanna.

Deanna and her youngest daughter will move into The Brew House in the Fall of 2018. During the opening ceremony Deanna started to tear up as she realized it was really happening, she was going to get her very own home. She said, “I am proud knowing I’ll be stable, not worrying about where we are going to lay our heads at night. We are so blessed.”

Gary with Habitat, Nikki and Paul with Bank of America, Shelby with Steelbender Brewyard, Joan with Habitat standing next to new Habitat homeowner Deanna and her daughter cutting the ribbon during the dedication of the Brew House.

Deann and her daughter received the keys to their new home during the Brew House dedication on January 19, 2019. Congratulations!

The Brew House Partners

Be sure to support these local businesses who helped build The Brew House.

Boese Brothers
Bosque Brewing Company
Boxing Bear Brewing

Canteen Brewhouse
Dialogue Brewing
Marble Brewery
Quarter Celtic Brew Pub
Rio Bravo Brewing Company
Sidetrack Brewing
Steel Bender Brewyard
The 377