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Jennifer Riordan was a tireless advocate of our mission. Her enthusiasm, warm smile and sincerity were unwavering, and her actions exemplified her motto to always be kind, loving, caring and sharing. Jennifer’s motto will live on in the lives of the family who will share this home in her memory. We thank Wells Fargo for their ongoing support of our work and are honored to dedicate this home in memory of Jennifer Riordan.

Robert’s home, the Wells Fargo House, was dedicated on November 16, 2019.

Thank you to everyone who helped build this home. Your generosity is greatly appreciated. “This will be our first home together,” said Robert. “It feels like a true beginning. With our own home, my family can live without fear or shame. We will be able to eat, sleep and laugh in peace.”

Habitat Homeowner: Robert’s Family

Robert works with a local social profit organization, Fathers Building Futures, where he is a supervisor, CDL truck driver, trainer and mentor to fathers who come out of prison ready to transform their lives. “I am passionate about working with Fathers Building Futures and I have committed myself to helping others for the rest of my life,” said Robert.

As a single father of four children, Robert plays both parenting roles and continually learns new ways to support his family – even learning to braid hair. “I am active in my children’s school life and I continue to learn what it means to be a good parent from the people I work with,” said Robert. “One person in particular is my mentor, the Founder and former Director of Fathers Building Futures, Emet Mayann, who constantly demonstrates what it means to work hard and do what is right while putting his children first.”

Raising four children on his salary is difficult, so Robert currently lives in a small three bedroom house owned by his mother. He pays $400.00 per month in rent and dreams of one day being able to afford a home that is more suitable for his children. Robert is participating in an IT Apprentice program at CNM and he has taken classes through UNM continuing education, the Hispano Chamber of Commerce and Prosperity Works. He has participated in the IDA program where he learned about financial literacy and the importance of saving and homeownership.

“I am proud of what I have accomplished so far and I am committed to transforming my life,” said Robert. “Thank you for selecting my family and for allowing me the opportunity to become a homeowner. I will dedicate my time and energy to building and maintaining this home for my family’s future.”

Wells Fargo Home Habitat home dedication