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View the welcome home ceremony for Veronica’s family who became first time home owners of  the Legacy Church House. This home dedication was held on August 15, 2020.

In 2019 Legacy Church joined Habitat’s mission by sponsoring a home – the Legacy Church House. Contributing $100,000 and providing volunteers to help build the home, the congregation is putting their faith into action. “At Legacy Church living generously is not just something we say, it’s who we are,” said Pastor Steve Smothermon. “So we are excited to partner with Habitat for Humanity in a transformational way to help a family experience the joy of home ownership.”

Habitat's Legacy Church House opening ceremony

Future Homeowner: Veronica’s family

Veronica is a single mother of four – two boys and two girls. “My second born, Jesus, was my first to be diagnosed with speech language delay, showing signs of autism. Two months later, my first born, Anahi, was diagnosed with Arterial Venous Malformations which is an abnormal connection between arteries and veins which disrupts normal blood flow and oxygen circulation. My third child, Joaquin was born in 2006, a ten pound healthy baby boy.”

Veronica and her first three children lived in Albuquerque until 2012 when she decided it was time to start a new life. “I packed my car and moved everyone to Virginia.” A few years later, Veronica became pregnant with Letty, her youngest daughter, “The doctors said she was stressed in the womb and was later diagnosed with cerebral palsy. She was two when we moved back to Albuquerque,” said Veronica.

“Once back in Albuquerque, we moved in with my mother, my sister and her three children – a total of ten people living in a two bedroom home. There were too many people and no space, so I found an apartment of our own,” said Veronica. The family has struggled with finding the right doctors, dealing with insurance companies and working with the children’s schools. “I have had to make tough decisions about what was best for my kids regarding surgeries and tests. Now I struggle with keeping up with all our expenses and budgeting all the bills,” said Veronica.

“Habitat for Humanity will bring us closer as a family so we can make memories in a place we can call our home. Having a home will provide security for my kids’ futures and give all of us confidence,” said Veronica.