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Share a unique experience and volunteer as a group

Starbucks employees at the Mesa del Rio build site

When something touches our hearts, when we recall an important event or a fun or inspiring moment, it often involves people close to us. There is a common desire to create stories and to build memories with others, and when we create these stories it allows us to appreciate and support one another and build alliances that will serve us well into the future.

Now, consider the value of building memories and strengthening friendships while volunteering. Giving time not only allows us to improve the lives of others, it helps us improve ourselves and allows groups to bond over a learned experience. Working to build a house or sorting through donated goods or painting walls is a very different experience than working in an office, a church or inside a classroom. New, unique experiences help us create memories that in turn create stronger bonds between individuals.

Wells Fargo Dealer Services Group out at the Mesa del Rio job site

“I work with so many groups, small and large, from corporations to local businesses to schools to church groups. It doesn’t matter their skill level, what matters is that they know their work directly impacts Habitat families,” said Regina Macias, Volunteer Manager. “It’s sort of a bonding experience really. Doing a group project and learning new skills helps everyone come together and learn about each other. It’s a great opportunity to share a unique experience and support the community at the same time.”

A recent group that volunteered out at the Mesa del Rio construction was the Wells Fargo Dealer Services. Some feedback about their experience included, “Everyone is so kind and helpful, it’s not intimidating at all” and “It’s very different then what I do every day and nice to be out of the office and learn something new.”

A few of the Magellan CPA employees who spent a week taking shifts to help out at our ReStore

Another recent group included 26 amazing Magellan CPA employees who took shifts during the “Magellan Cares Week” from May 15th thru 19th helping out at the ReStore and organizing the warehouse. As a company-wide initiative, “Magellan encourages employees to use their volunteer time off (VTO) to support their community and those in need.” What a great place to work!

Greater Albuquerque Habitat for Humanity is so honored these organizations chose to support our mission. There have been numerous groups this year offering tremendous support, see the list below, and we want to thank every person who has volunteered this year!

BBVA Volunteered during our Raising the Roof Breakfast on April 22nd.

GAHH welcomes groups to schedule a time to volunteer. Because we only build two days a week, the opportunity to volunteer at the construction site is not always available and there is often a wait list. However, the ReStore is a fantastic group volunteer opportunity as the store is open Monday thru Saturday from 9am to 5pm. We can always use extra help with accepting donations, stocking the shelves and with special projects at the store so please consider scheduling a group volunteer activity today.

If you have questions and you wish to sign up as a group, please email our Volunteer Manager, Regina Macias or call 505-359-2432.


Thank you to all of our 2017 Group Volunteers
You can always schedule your group add your company or church or school to the 2017 list!

Construction Group Volunteers:

Dekker, Perich, Sabatini at the Mesa del Rio build site

Planet Fitness – February 18th
Dekker, Perich, Sabatini – February 25th
UNM Pre-Med Society – March 4th
Starbucks – March 8th and March 22nd
Sandia National Labs – March 11th, March 18th and March 25th
UNM Circle K International – March 25th
CBRE Cares – April 5th and April 26th
WESST – April 14th
Enterprise Holdings – April 19th
Kirtland Airforce OPEC – April 21st
Century Link – April 29th and May 6th
Omega Psi Phi – May 13th and November 11th
RPC CPA’s – May 17th
Kirtland Airforce Gravity – May 20th
Wells Fargo Dealer Services – May 24th and June 21st
Booz Allen Hamilton – June 3rd
St. Jude’s ACTS Ministry – June 24th and July 22nd
The Cheesecake Factory – June 28th, June 30th and July 12th
Department of Emergency Medicine – July 29th and August 12th
Ethicon-Johnson & Johnson – September 27th

Omega Psi Psi fraternity helping out at the Mesa Del Rio job site

Special Events Group Volunteers:
BBVA Compass – April 22nd

Restore Group Volunteers:
Tau Beta Pi, UNM – April 1st
Hope Church – April 1st
Red Fox Realty – April 10th
Enterprise Holdings – April 19th
RPC CPA’s – May 17th
Magellan – May 15th thru May 19th






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