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Two Families, One Dream

On Saturday, February 10th we broke ground on two new Habitat homes and celebrated the beginning of a dream for two families. Neither family thought home ownership would be possible for them and are thrilled for the opportunity to have stability and security in their lives. They will be working very hard over the next several months in order to move into their very own home this year.

The Brew House

A group of local businesses joined forces last year to help raise awareness and money to build the Brew House. Be sure to support these local breweries and thank them for their support of Habitat:

Boese Brothers, Bosque Brewing Company, Boxing Bear Brewing, Canteen Brewhouse, Dialogue Brewing, Marble Brewery, Quarter Celtic Brew Pub, Rio Bravo Brewing Company, Sidetrack Brewing, Steel Bender Brewyard, The 377.

During the opening ceremony Nick Seid with Bosque Brewing said, “I’d like to thank Habitat for Humanity for letting me speak on behalf of Bosque and all the amazing breweries that have contributed to this cause. Our staff looks forward to our first build day on this site and hope to continue to work towards makings sure everyone has a space they can call their own.”

Deanna and her youngest daughter have just started their journey to home ownership and they are excited to be selected as a partner family and realizing the dream of home ownership is actually possible. During the opening ceremony Deanna said, “I am proud knowing I’ll be stable, not worrying about where we are going to lay our heads at night. We are so blessed.” Read more about The Brew House

LtoR: Mother and daughter will move into the Brew House in the fall, Nick Seid with Bosque Brewing, Bill Reilly, GAHH Construction Manager and Jeff Payne, GAHH Board President.

Unity 3, dedicated to the memory of Melissa Dugas Gutierrez

The Unity 3 home, in memory of Melissa Dugas Gutierrez, is a collaborative effort among the faith-based community in Albuquerque. Many churches, synagogues, mosques and others have come together over the years to volunteer and financially support the construction of Habitat homes. We are honored to have so many partners and friends working together to help further our mission.

During the opening ceremony Marilyn Stoops with St. Andrew Presbyterian Church said, “Working side by side always promotes closer relationships and a greater understanding of our common ministry and mission. Helping our neighbor is a principle held and promoted by us all. Building homes with families who might not otherwise ever know home ownership brings joy and satisfaction to both the families who will inhabit them, the workers who labor to raise the walls and put on a roof and the Greater Albuquerque Habitat for Humanity who makes it all possible.”

Jean Dugas, Melissa’s mother spoke about Melissa’s life, her faith and her passion for helping others, especially children. Jean said, “I know the partner family working diligently toward their goal of owning this house will have Melissa’s love within those walls. Melissa would tell you that a house is a place in which to live, but a home is in the people who dwell within that house.” Read more about Unity 3 and the family

Jeff Payne, GAHH Board President, Marilyn Stoops, St. Andrew Presbyterian Church, Bill Reilly, GAHH Construction Manager, Jean and Jay Dugas, GAHH supporteres and parents of Melissa Dugas Gutierrez, alongside the Habitat family that will move into the Unity 3 home in the fall.



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