Lunchbox Builders

Provide lunch for Habitat volunteers!

Lunchbox Builders is a support program in which the community, businesses, individuals, churches, and schools can provide lunches to our large cadre of volunteers on our build and repair sites.

To become a Lunch Box Builder, schedule a Wednesday or Saturday to provide a lunch that will feed 35 volunteers. Lunch Box Builders bring the lunch to the job site by 11 a.m., help set up, and serve the meal to our volunteers.

Benefits of Donating:

Donate lunch for the volunteer construction crew and receive the following:

  • Your organization’s name will be displayed at the construction site on your lunch day.
  • Your organization’s name will appear on one Facebook posting for every day you provide lunch.
  • Your organization or logo listed on the Lunch Box Builder web page for a year.
  • Your cash donation is tax-deductible as allowed by law.

Contact Us About Donating Lunch – email Belinda at

Lunchbox Builders Signup Sheet

Please remember, the lunch cost breakdown is $10.00 per person and we average 35 people to a site, per day.
Preferred date(s) to provide lunch
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