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Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit organization that builds housing for low-income families. Volunteers offering their time and donations from local individuals and organizations make Habitat’s mission possible.

Greater Albuquerque Habitat for Humanity is a local affiliate that serves the Albuquerque area. There are other such affiliates all over the world and more can be learned on Habitat for Humanity International’s website. We share a name and a vision with Habitat for Humanity International, but we are an independent corporation governed by a local board of directors. We raise all our own money locally and it stays local.

The only government program GAHH participates in is the NM Finance Authority’s Tax Credit program for new construction. This program provides donors with a 50% state tax credit on the value of their gift of $1,000 or more.

We are currently building 2-3 homes per year but expect to expand that to five within the next year or two.

Homeowner Services

No. Habitat for Humanity provides a zero-interest mortgage for which our partner families invest what we call ‚Äúsweat-equity‚ÄĚ by completing Homeowner Maintenance Education courses, working on their homes, and working on the homes of other homeowners. Once a homeowner receives the keys to his/her home, he/she must make on-time monthly payments toward that zero-interest mortgage.

Potential applicants are required to meet qualifications to become a homeowner. All applications submitted during the open application period will be reviewed. The top scored, qualified families will be presented to the board for approval for the next homes to be built.

Typically, families close on and move into their homes 18 months after their initial application is submitted. However, because our program relies on sponsors to fund houses, and community volunteers to help construct them, this time is variable. On the other hand, this period allows applicants to plan for their move, complete the sweat equity hours required by our program, and participate fully in the construction of their own homes.


We encourage volunteers with little to no experience. If a volunteer does have specific skills, we are thrilled to have them join us, as well.

Yes, you can volunteer on a repair site, in our ReStore, on one of our committees (Faith Relations or Events), as a phone bank caller or as a member of our Board of Directors.

The sooner the better. Because we have a limited number of Home Constructions a year, we have an exceedingly high demand for volunteers and construction dates do get booked quickly, especially our weekend days.

Youth are certainly welcome to volunteer. On the construction site, we welcome youth as young as 16 years old. For the ReStore, we welcome youth as young as 14. All youth are required to always have a parent/guardian 21 years or older present with them, and youth are limited to certain tasks and are restricted from handling power tools.

Donating to our Mission

Donors have the option to designate their contribution for widespread use or for construction. Donations designated for construction of homes are then restricted 100% for that purpose. We typically have state tax credits available for donations of $1,000. When applicable, the credit is equal to 50% of the donated amount. More information is available here.

Yes, we accept gifts of cash, stocks, life insurance, IRA’s, etc. Your gift will increase the organization’s sustainability. More information is available here.


We have a list of items that we accept and do not accept available online. If it is not clear whether an item is accepted, feel free to call us at 505-265-0057.

Habitat offers pick up service for bulky items, for 3 or more large items. Donors should call 505-265-0057 ext. 103 for scheduling or fill out our online Donation Pickup Request Form. Dispatch scheduling agent will contact you to set up a time and date for the pickup.

Vehicle donations are done through Cars for Homes, a program offered through Habitat for Humanity International. Proceeds from your car sale will stay local in Albuquerque. Go to for more information.

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