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“You got this mom!”

January 19th was a very good day. 500 volunteer hours toward her sweat equity requirement, many hours of financial counseling, and countless pep-talks all led up to this day, the day Deanna got the keys to her first home.

During the home dedication Paul Mondragon with Bank of America, a sponsor who helped build Deanna’s house, said, “Having a place to live is not just about a house, it’s about building community and is the foundation of what we want to do….we want to be investing our time and our funds making this a better place for everyone. It’s about all of us coming together, concentrating our dollars, time and efforts to make great things happen.”

Deanna’s home was named the Brew House and was supported by a handful of local breweries who contributed financially and volunteered at the job site. Shelby with Steelbender Brewyard was at the dedication ceremony and said, “The request to be part of the Brew House and work with other breweries to build this home was a no-brainer for us.” She then welcomed Deanna to her new home saying, “You have this wonderful community around you, supporting the two of you, and I hope that you have the same laughter and joy in your home that comes through our doors every day.”

Before speaking in front of everyone Deanna said, “I am nervous and very emotional” when her daughter casually cheered her mom on by saying “You got this mom!”

After a big hug from her daughter, Deanna went on to thank everyone saying, “The SWAT members are amazing, I appreciate you so much and will never forget you all – you guys kicked butt. This has been quite an experience. I had my ups and downs and a lot of tears but I made it. My daughter and I will be okay now because we have a home or our own. It’s time to start creating memories and make this a happy, loving home.”

And Deanna’s daughter shared a few heartfelt words too, “My mom is an amazing person. I’m so thankful we have a beautiful home to call ours and only ours.”

Deanna and her daughter hugging during the dedication ceremony for the Brew House on January 19, 2019
LtoR: Gary, GAHH Board President; Nikki and Paul with sponsors Bank of America; Shelby with sponsor Steelbender Brewyard; Joan, GAHH Executive Director; Deanna and her daughter, Brew House Habitat homeowners.

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