Burque Build

What makes Albuquerque great?

As a community, we are defined by the character of those who serve people in need. Among the most vital are the first responders—police, firefighters, and emergency workers—who risk their lives to protect our community.

The Burque Build

We are honoring Bernalillo County’s first responders with the Burque Build, a Habitat home dedicated to honoring the legacy of those who bravely and selflessly serve. We need your help to make this a reality.

The Burque Build is part of a 22-house project in the Mesa del Rio community. We estimate the home will cost $110,000 and construction will span from July 2017 to February 2018. Participate by mailing a letter of endorsement, making a donation, providing lunchvolunteering, becoming a Burque Build sponsor, and participating in GOLFMANIA 2017.


Mayor Berry, City of Albuquerque

Albuquerque Fire Department

Albuquerque Police Department

Albuquerque Area Firefighters Random Acts

Bernalillo County Fire Department

Bernalillo County Fire Department Retirees Association

Meet the Habitat Family

Louis and Orariya are originally from Burundi, Africa where they experienced many difficulties due to the ongoing war, violence and political struggles. “For the past two years here in America we have gained work opportunities which have allowed us to become self-sufficient. My wife and I are both gainfully employed,” says Louis.

“We are so grateful to the United States of America and we are beyond grateful for the opportunity from Habitat for Humanity in being able to purchase a home,” said Louis.

Between 1996 and 2015, Louis’s family was stateless, “We had no country, state, family, money, wealth, opportunity, education, employment, or security,” recalls Louis. Today, they have a life – a life that seemed like a dream only two years ago. “We have safety, we have a future, we have opportunity and we have goals. A home for my family is the best gift I could ever receive. It is a sad reality, but my children have never known a “home” – something that is ours, somewhere that is safe, and something that you can always come back to. I thank Habitat for Humanity for letting our story continue,” said Louis.

Louis and his family standing with firefighter, police officers, ambulance personnel and elected officials during the opening ceremony for the Burque Build on July 29, 2017.