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Our Repair Program provides minor home repairs to alleviate safety issues and restore the appearance of home exteriors. The Repair Program works diligently alongside all Albuquerque homeowners with a focus on minor repairs that help improve quality of life and keep low-income homeowners safe.

Services Provided

• Minor non-structural repairs
• Yard cleanup (up to 15ft from home)
• Exterior Painting
• Minor fence repair
• Exterior ramps and hand rails
• Minor glass pane repair
• Minor Exterior stair, ramp or porch repair
• Trim trees up to 7ft off the ground

Services NOT Provided

• Any inside home repairs
• Bathroom or kitchen remodeling
• Roof repair
• Critical structural repair
• Trees reaching within 5 ft of the power lines
• Any tree trimming above 7’-0”
• Build or repair block walls
• Removal of vehicles, large appliances, tires, motor oil, or any chemicals
• Replace or repair siding or stucco
• Detached structures (garages, sheds, etc.)
• Heating and cooling replacement or repairs

What are the eligibility requirements?

• Proof of income (Less than 60% AMI according to HUD 2020)
• Proof of residency
• Proof of home insurance
• Proof of home ownership


Number of persons living in the home 1 2 3 4 5 6
Maximum allowable household income (60% AMI) $29,040 $33,180 $41,460 $41,460 $44,820 $48,120

Qualified candidates in the Albuquerque area that demonstrate the greatest need will be selected after a phone interview, property assessment and financial background check.

Inquiry Process

If you are interested in receiving assistance with home repairs please fill out and submit the Inquiry Form below.

After sending your request, if the project is within our competence, we will call you to conduct a phone check. It is interesting to note that the same principle is followed by some online platforms, such as Fairgo casino, where each customer request is considered individually. We will then schedule a meeting to evaluate the project. After the project evaluation, we will discuss the scope of the project and the terms of the affiliate agreement.

Please note that this is not an emergency repair program, and that no repairs can be made until the homeowner has met the qualifications and has completed a homeowner’s agreement. In addition, there is a waiting period for repairs, and all repairs are subject to the availability of funding.