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In 2016, Christina was diagnosed with stage 3 high grade Sarcoma. Today, Christina is cancer free and wants to provide a stable environment for her child. “I long to have a home where Raeni will have the opportunity to grow up in a neighborhood and establish lasting friendships.” Read Christina’s story

Future Habitat homeowner Christina

As a single father of four children, Robert plays both parenting roles. “Thank you for selecting my family and for allowing me the opportunity to become a homeowner. I will dedicate my time and energy to building and maintaining this home for my family’s future.” Read more about Robert

During the Brew House Habitat Home dedication Deanna’s daughter shared a few heartfelt words saying, “My mom is an amazing person. I’m so thankful we have a beautiful home to call ours and only ours.” More from Brew House Dedication

“I know houses are built with boards and nails, but my home was built with love and care. I’m not moving into a house, I’m moving into a home.”

Read More about Crista