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Unity House IV And Legacy House Home Dedications

Your kindness made home-ownership possible for these families

Veronica’s family moves into the Legacy Church House

Because of your generosity, Veronica is now the proud home-owner of a safe, decent, affordable home. We welcomed Veronica’s family to their first home on August 15 the during the Legacy Church House virtual home dedication.

Legacy House home dedication

Veronica is a single mother with 4 children – 2 have disabilities and require special medical care. Veronica struggles daily to pay the bills, find the right doctors, deal with insurance companies, and advocate for her children’s education.

In order to make ends meet they lived for many months with Veronica’s mother, sister, and her sister’s 3 children – a total of 10 people in a two bedroom home.

Because of caring people like you, this family moved into their very own affordable home. Home-ownership will give Veronica a life changing opportunity to break the cycle of poverty that she was born into, and build a stable future for her family.

In 2019 Legacy Church joined Habitat’s mission by sponsoring the Legacy Church House and providing dozens of volunteers to help build the home, the congregation put their faith into action. “At Legacy Church living generously is not just something we say, it’s who we are,” said Pastor Steve Smothermon. “So we are excited to partner with Habitat for Humanity in a transformational way to help a family experience the joy of home ownership.”

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Martin & Christine’s family moves into their first home, Unity House IV

We welcomed Martin and Christine’s family to their first home on Saturday, August 22nd during the Unity House IV virtual home dedication.

Unity House IV dedication

Martin & Christine came to the U.S. as part of a refugee resettlement program in 2007. Now as the parents of 4 children, their family has their very own home – Unity House IV.

Even though Martin and Christine are Burundian descents, they have never been to that country. The United States is their first home country where they gained citizenship through the naturalization process. “Being selected by Habitat for Humanity is an amazing opportunity to realize our dreams and help our children to feel supported,” said Martin.

Habitat for Humanity’s global mission seeks to put God’s love into action by bringing people together to build homes, communities and hope.The faith community in Albuquerque has supported Habitat builds for decades – designating funds to pay for construction, volunteering, providing lunches and raising awareness about the need for affordable housing. Unity House IV is made possible through a collaboration of our diverse community of faith.

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